Careers Education at Mulberry School for Girls is taught as part of the PSHE programme. It is supported by a programme of work related events, organised by the Careers Coordinator in consultation with the Heads of Year and the Director of Personal Development.

All pupils should leave the school and move on to either further/Higher Education or training or other career opportunities. The provision of effective Careers Education and Guidance is an essential part of the preparation of all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. It should help them to be more self-aware, to be informed about continuing education and training and about possible career paths. It should enable them to manage transition to new roles and situations throughout their life and help them to achieve their aspirations.

Read our Careers Education Information and Guidance Delivery Plan below for more information.

Our Careers policy can be found on our Policy Documents page.

Contact information

School’s Career Coordinator: Ms S O’Meally
Telephone: 020 7790 6327