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Mulberry School for Girls is the founding school of the Mulberry Schools Trust. The Trust is a multi-academy trust based in East London with its office at Mulberry School for Girls. The Trust has a board of 11 trustees, who oversee the work of each school in the Trust and who lead the local governing bodies (LGB) for each school.

The LGB is responsible for the oversight of Mulberry School for Girls and for the implementation of the Trust’s policies and strategy. The LGB is chaired by a trustee so that information flows consistently between the Board and the LGB. You can read more about the Mulberry Schools Trust, the board of trustees, its policies and the shared work between schools within the Trust by clicking here.

Members of the Local Governing Body

Governors Register of Interests

Governors Code of Conduct

Funding Agreement

To access the memorandum and articles of association, the annual accounts, the annual report and the register of interests of the accounting officer, please click here to be linked to the Mulberry Schools Trust website.  For the funding agreement, please refer to the section on this website marked Policies under Important Information.   

The Chair of Governors for Mulberry School for Girls is Ms Alice Crawley.

Contacting the School Governors

Contact details for the Chair of Trustees and the Chairs of the Local Governing Bodies

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal address: the Clerk to the Governors, Mulberry Schools Trust, Richard Street, Commercial Road, London E1 2JP

Year Teams

2019 to 2020

Head of Year 7 - Ms. E. Brown (Ext - 254 and 246)

Head of Year 8 - Ms. D. Reid 

Head of Year 9 - Ms. H. Begum (Ext 345)

Head of Year 10 - Ms. D. Asare (Ext 206)

Head of Year 11 - Ms. R. King (Ext 231 and 274)

Director of Further Education - Ms. S. Hadjadji (Ext 260)

Key Stage 5 Co-ordinators - Mr. T. Kora (Acting) (Ext 249) and Ms. B. Roberts (Ext 208)

If you would like to get in touch with one of the Head of Years please contact the school at 0207 790 6327 followed by the extension number mentioned above.

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Ms R. Higgs (230)

Deputy Safegarding Leads - Ms S. Rawat (212 or 271)

Designated Safeguarding Governor - Ms Jane Farrell


Home School Agreement

Name: ______________________________ Form: _______________________
Welcome to Mulberry School. The school aims to ensure that all pupils are given equal opportunity to fulfil their potential. This agreement recognises the important partnership between parents/guardians, pupils, governors and staff.
Mulberry School has a broad based curriculum, which satisfies National Curriculum requirements in which all pupils shall participate. Teaching staff for all subjects will be from both genders. Mulberry School is an Arts Specialist School.
Where there is a choice of subject, for example between Spanish and Bengali in Year 7 and for Options at Key Stages 4 & 5, pupils will be enabled to make a guided and informed choice. Some subjects will include fieldwork and other off-site activities which will take place in lesson time and be supervised by staff. This includes theatre trips, enterprise education, work experience and other National Curriculum work such as careers events
Pupils will participate fully in all aspects of the curriculum. All pupils are expected to participate regularly in dance at Key Stage 3, Study Support, National Curriculum trips and visits and extra curricular activities.
Homework will be set each day in accordance with a planned timetable in order to support the progress and attainment of each pupil. Every pupil will be given a planner to record all homework given and assist organisation. Sometimes, pupils may be required to under-take Prep, supervised after school by qualified staff, if they are not making appropriate progress.
Parents/guardians should check that pupils are completing their homework and sign their planner each week to indicate that this has been done satisfactorily. Comments are invited.
Mulberry school aims to provide a safe and ordered environment where everyone is expected to show respect, courtesy and consideration and where all pupils can work undisturbed by others.
All pupils are expected to show concern and consideration for others and this shall be reflected in their behaviour at all times.
Pupils are required to demonstrate a commitment to all aspects of their education in order to achieve their maximum potential.
Parents are expected to co-operate with the school in matters of discipline and expectations.
Pupils’ attendance and punctuality will be checked at registration a.m. and p.m., and at each lesson. Parents will be informed as quickly as possible given the demands of the school day on admin staff of unexplained absence and any concerns reported to the Educational Social Worker. The school will keep up to date information of pupils’ addresses and telephone numbers. All this is to ensure the safety of pupils at all times.
Pupils will only leave the building or grounds with written permission from her Head of Year. Pupils are expected to report to the General Office to be signed out before leaving school during the school day. If returning to school before the end of the school day pupils must sign back in at the General Office.
Detentions – Normal school hours are from 8.45am to 3.30pm. However, pupils may be detained at the end of school until 4pm without advance warning being given. Parents/guardians will be notified in writing in advance of longer detentions. Detentions will be given for recurring lateness and reasons relating to conduct and work.
Parents/guardians will comply with the Governors’ Extended Leave and Leave of Absence policy which does not allow such absences and ensure that their daughter attends school full time until the end of Year 13.
Pupils are expected to attend school each day unless there is a very good reason for being absent. A written explanation for any absence is always required on the day of return, even if parents have telephoned the school prior to this.
Pupils are expected to arrive at school on time for both sessions and for all lessons.
Personal information – Parents will report any change of address and telephone, or change in family circumstances, immediately to the Head of Year in order to update records and enable the school to contact parents/guardians.
Lockers are provided with keys for pupils’ use and all reasonable care is taken to secure the safety of personal belongings.
Appropriate facilities and equipment are provided for all on-site activities and the National Curriculum.
Mobile phones should not be brought into school and if a pupil is seen using a mobile phone it will be confiscated and a parent/carer will need to come into school at the end of the week in order to collect the telephone. This also applies to iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras and any other electrical equipment
Pupils will be provided with a laptop for use during school. This can be charged in pupils’ lockers. The laptop should never be removed from school. The laptop is the pupil’s responsibility and therefore should this be damaged the school reserve the right to ask for money to cover any replacement/repairs.
It is essential that pupils come to school fully equipped for all lessons. This should include two pens a pencil and a ruler, a calculator, a pocket dictionary and appropriate mathematical equipment.
Uniform and Physical Education kit are compulsory (see appendix for details). With regard to the enclosed uniform policy, pupils and parents should be aware that if pupils choose to wear a Mulberry coloured hijab it should be plain and not have any tassles, decorations or sequins. No denim, leisure wear or leather should be worn at any time. Shoes should be flat, strong and supportive. Trainers must be worn for PE. Any hardship in relation to uniform may be raised with your daughter’s Head of Year. Uniform grants are available to families on certain benefits.
Jewellery must not be worn in school, except for small studs for pierced ears. This rule is for the safety of pupils and to safeguard against loss of property. If the rule is disobeyed the jewellery will be confiscated.
Pupils are responsible for all personal property. The school is not responsible for money or valuables as they should not be brought to school.
It is recommended that only small amounts of money should be brought in to cover the pupil’s daily needs. If it is necessary to bring a large sum of money to school, it should be given into the care of the Pupil Reception for safekeeping.
Mulberry school aims to maintain a safe secure, and attractive working environment.
Pupils will ensure that the school is kept free of litter, graffiti and chewing gum.



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