International Women's Day Celebrations

Thursday 7th March  - WOW Festival Reception

Four students from year 10 and 12 will represent the school at a reception for the Women of the World (WOW) Festival, hosted by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, President of WOW, at her royal residence, Clarence House. Students will have the chance to meet inspiring female role models and develop their networking skills.

Thursday 7 March – London Metropolitan Police

All Year 8 students will be joining a presentation from London Metropolitan Police’s Borough Commander and other female officers to learn more about their roles in the Police force

Thursday 7 March - St Mary‘s Ascot International Women’s Day Conference

Ten Year 12 and Year 13 students are attending this conference which will focus on the value of Direct Action and Feminism and will include presentations from Integrate, a charity which supports girls and women impacted by FGM, and keynote speaker from the Women’s Equality Party. Sumaya Begum (13JJ) will be a panel speaker on the topic of ‘White feminism and whether feminism that is not intersectional is still valid’.    


Friday 8 March – London Stock Exchange

Five Y9 students will be joining the opening of the London Stock Exchange and the participating in a workshop led by founders4school and the Women’s Network Forum. The workshop will focus on how entrepreneurs can support, inspire, work with young women to help them aspire to a future in finance or as entrepreneurs.

Friday 8 March - Hyperion, a Lloyd’s of London Insurance firm

30 Year 9 students (9M) will attend an event hosted by Hyperion with the aim of developing students’ confidence and knowledge of personal branding, and helping them to ‘get their voice heard’ and build leadership skills.


Friday 8 March - Girl’s Leadership Conference 2019 at Ernst and Young

Four Year 12 students are attending this conference with the focus: A World of Possibilities:  Finding your passion - how women overcome challenge and develop resilience

Friday 8 March – WOW Festival

25 Year 10 and Year 12 students will be attending the WOW “What now?” event at the Royal Festival Hall. 

What Now? will be led by Jude Kelly and feature a line-up of extraordinary women and girls in an afternoon of discussion, debate, performance and a few surprises. Contributors include Annie Lennox, Julie Gillard and many performers, poets and activists. Three students will contribute to the event:

Maryam Naasir (Y10) will perform her poem about gender equality, ‘Real’.

Afnan Sayam (Y12) and Iklas Ali-Bashi-Nur (Y12) will interview Maisie Williams.

Maryam has also written a piece that will be published in the  WOW Festival brochure


Saturday 9 March – WOW Festival

A further 25 Year 10 and Y12 students will be attending  WOW events “What next?” and “New Daughters of Africa” at the Royal Festival Hall.

“What Next?” is asking: “In an age of hyper-connectivity, extreme ideas and political turmoil, what’s in store for the future of gender equality? Hear from the women helping us imagine an equal world – from those on the frontlines of global movements to girls and young women changing our world for the better.”

“New daughters of Africa” will launch Margaret Busby’s major new global anthology of writing by women of African descent.  A glorious portrayal of the accomplishments of over 200 contributors, New Daughters of Africa celebrates their global sweep, diversity and achievements, while also testifying to a wealth of genres.

Wednesday 13 March – MSfG Adult Learners International Women’s Day Celebration (all day)

Workshops include: Dance, Yoga, Embroidery, Video making, Podcasting, Song-writing, Creative Story-telling