Innovative line up of women join ‘Women in IT’ Conference

In celebration of International Girls in ICT Day 2021, which took place on Thursday 22nd April, Mulberry school for Girls organised a range of exciting, IT related events that included competitions on ‘Innovation for the Future’, a debate club covering the topic of girls in IT, a robotics clubs and our very own innovative online conference organised by Women in Telecoms & Technology. The online conference, entitled ‘Women in IT’, took place on Thursday 29th April. At its core, the conference wanted to continue recognising women who are in IT fields and to mark the importance of having more women in this sector. Over 70 students from all key stages heard from a great line up of pioneering women, who are all studying and working in IT. The panel consisted of KPMG employees, who held various IT positions across the business and a Computer Science and Maths undergraduate, studying at Loughborough University. The conference was a great ending to our fun celebrations and a way for Mulberry School for Girls to recognise the significance of International Girls in ICT Day and to show our continued support for this important day. Our students now have further knowledge to make informed choices about their future in IT and more awareness about the varied jobs that exist within the sector, the academic routes they can take to reach their goals and the key skills that are needed to have a successful career. The feedback from students was extremely positive and we were so pleased that they appreciated the importance of seeing women in positions of power within the IT industry. We hope these events will help our students to see themselves in this space in the future, where we fully expect them to be breaking down barriers and carving out fantastic careers!