Parents/carers visit the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

On Tuesday 6th July, we organised yet another fabulous trip for our parents/carers. We visited the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. It was an excellent opportunity for parents/carers to experience and see some of the unique species available at the gardens. It was also an opportunity for our parents/carers to meet one another and have a relaxed day out together.

“The trip to Kew Gardens With Sabina and the parents has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Travelled back in time to my childhood and also round the world experiencing the many beautiful differences the world has to offer.”

Bushra Sultana, parent/carer

“It was an amazing day out, though the weather was terrible! My memory goes back to thousands of miles away to my countryside house. While I was walking through the glass house door I was seeing myself, as a child, playing with wild flowers, collecting different pattern of leaves, eating native fruits. Thank you so much in helping me relive my childhood memories and also many thanks of organising such a wonderful trip.”

Farhana Akhter