Former student represents at prestigious EW Group event

We are so proud of Nuzhat Nuruzzaman, a former student, Model UN Chair, Director, Secretary-General and current Medical student at UCL.

Nuzhat was invited to be a panellist at the 65th Anniversary event hosted by the prestigious EW Group. She spoke articulately about the challenges young people face and the need to have a voice on issues of equity and inclusion. Her final contribution was incredibly poignant and hugely resonated with the audience: “I’d like to see workplaces set an expectation for everyone to be kind. So I don’t have to think about the way that I am speaking or am dressed. So I can be me.”

New mulberry tree joins the family

We are delighted to share that we have a new mulberry tree at Mulberry School for Girls.

Mulberry trees were brought to Tower Hamlets by the French Huguenots from the 1570s and our current tree is thought to be up to 400 years old.

Many of the Huguenots were merchants and silk weavers and they brought this trade with them. Silkworms feed on the leaves of mulberry trees and the trees also reminded them of their ancestral home. For us today, mulberry trees symbolise the richness and prosperity brought by migrants and we are thrilled to have a second mulberry tree in our grounds.

Two-day Model UN conference examines global challenges

On 29th–30th November, Mulberry School for Girls was thrilled to host 256 delegates from 18 schools at the latest Mulberry Schools Trust fully student-led conference.

The Mulberry Schools Trust is proud to be the UK lead for the UNAUSA‘s worldwide network and its Global Classrooms London Model United Nations runs the largest programme of its kind for state-funded schools in the UK. Our school was delighted to welcome 63 student leaders from across the Mulberry Schools Trust who acted as Chairs, Directors, Rapporteurs, Press and Administrative Teams.

At an MUN Conference, delegates take on the role of ambassadors in simulations of UN committees, developing co-operation, leadership, public speaking skills and confident global citizenship.

During this conference, students examined global challenges and the threats to peace that affect the international community and sought out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime. Here at Mulberry School for Girls and across the Mulberry Schools Trust, we know that young people have a real desire to make a positive difference in the world.

During the conference we also welcomed key speakers Jovana Bosnjak from Amnesty International, Rahima Begum from Restless Beings and our very own Year 13 student Madihah Jalil as Secretary-General.

Students alive with excitement at Day of the Dead celebrations

On Tuesday 1st November, students from Mulberry School for Girls visited the Mexican Embassy to meet Her Excellency Josefá Gonzalez Blanco, the Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom, to learn about Mexico’s most iconic celebration, el Día de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead.

Our students participated in arts and crafts activities, face painting and had the chance to try some traditional Mexican food during the visit. The students also had the chance to see the Mexican Embassy’s Día de los Muertos altar and visit Mexican artist Paula Rodriguez’ solo art exhibition ‘Spaces Within’. As part of our ongoing work with Her Excellency, students created their own Día de los Muertos altar in Mulberry School for Girls. A video of the altar’s creation, which is narrated by a Year 11 Mulberry School for Girls student has been entered into a competition run by the Mexican Embassy and Southampton University.

BHM celebrations packed with a rich programme of creative activities

During Black History Month, our students celebrated the richness and variety of Black heritage through a packed programme of creative activities.

Year 7 and 8 students explored African visual cultures and the Somali poetic tradition in special sessions with creatives from Numbi Arts. Students engaged in a poetry, print or creative writing workshop and produced absolutely beautiful work. Our historic mulberry tree was clearly an inspiration! Year 7 and 8 hugely enjoyed their workshops with the Mary Seacole Trust, exploring how Mary overcame racism and injustice to become an entrepreneur and medic “whose achievements laid the groundwork for all of us to be leaders in the future”. The fascinating sessions were led by the inspirational Trevor Sterling, Chair of the Mary Seacole Trust, award-winning lawyer and a staunch advocate for racial and social equality.

Throughout October, we showcased a series of acclaimed films in honour of BHM. One highlight was the screening of Black Panther in the Mulberry & Bigland Green Centre on the big screen. Another was the screening of A Wrinkle in Time. Students loved Ava DuVernay’s film re-imagining of the novel, which includes a multi-ethnic cast.

We were thrilled to welcome back our great friend David Neita, barrister, poet and playwright, for a special performance of ‘Uplift’ for all Year 9 students. David’s absorbing play illuminates the significant contributions of the Windrush Generation to Britain and the scandal around their wrongful treatment. Students especially loved the special discussion event afterwards with David and student leaders Emma, Olivia, Khadija, Sumayyah and Rinnad. Each shared their reflections in a wide-ranging and powerful discussion which explored racism and resistance, colourism and the impact of racist beauty norms.

Families bowled over following trip to Lord’s Cricket Ground

The school’s Parent and Community Team arranged a family trip to Lord’s Cricket Ground to watch a women’s England vs India match. A total of 25 children and their parents attended the trip with most experiencing live cricket for the very first time.

It was a unique experience for our families and it was lovely to see them interact with each other and teach one another the rules of the game. The arena was lively and our families engaged with face painting, Henna painting and interactive games before the match. There was a buzz in the crowd and the vibe was electric.

“My daughter and I had a fantastic time at the women’s cricket over the weekend. It was our first time at Lord’s and first watching a proper cricket match – we really enjoyed the experience. Who knew it would be so exciting and nail biting?”