Graduation: Class of 2021 leave Year 11 in style

On Thursday 24th June, our Year 11 students and ‘Class of 2021’ celebrated their end of Key Stage 4 milestone with a beautiful graduation ceremony and reception.

Upon arrival, students were gifted with a ‘Class of 2021’ sash, a bracelet with their initials designed by Ms Smyth and a copy of the No.1 International Bestseller ‘Belonging’ by Former First Lady Mrs Michelle Obama.

As students made their way to their seats, a photo presentation with highlights capturing the last five years played in the background. There were pictures from the History trip to Belgium, student presentations for the Bank of America Business workshops and pictures of our incredible Business Enterprise winners who came second in the Princes’ Trust Regional Finals.

The ceremony opened with a welcome speech from Dr Mundy and a Head of Year speech by Ms Asare. Tutors delivered heart felt speeches about their form groups. Their stories brought back many fond memories, some laughter, some tears and lots of applauses.

Every single student was recognised during the ceremony and awarded a certificate from the following categories in our Leaders of the Future Awards: Creativity, Confidence, Leadership, Love of Learning and Outstanding Achievement.

Our Head Girl, Mysha Rahman from 11B captivated our audience once again with her amazing speech about the journey that students have taken thus far.

Finally our CEO and Headteacher, Dr Vanessa Ogden, left students with an empowering message and a reminder that ‘once a Mulberry girl, always a Mulberry girl’.

We are extremely proud of our Year 11 students and all that they have achieved. We wish them all the best in their endeavours at Post-16 and look forward to hearing about their accomplishments.

Taking Action: Anti-Racism

The work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion continues to be at the heart of the culture of Mulberry School for Girls. 

During the summer term we focused on the lived experience of Black British people. Student voice formed a central part of our discussions during a series of student and staff conferences aimed at creating a whole community dialogue. 

We were privileged to host David Neita, the lawyer and human rights campaigner, who chaired our five conferences. 

A range of student and staff groups will continue to will work alongside each other to create robust action plans that advance equality for all. 

Mulberry celebrates Somali Heritage Week

Tower Hamlets is home to a vibrant Somali community. Somalia and Somaliland have a rich heritage of musical, literary, dramatic, performance, dance and visual arts. 

During the 14th – 18th of June, more than 700 students celebrated the diversity of this rich culture. They attended 20 additional enrichment opportunities, including lectures by academics, food tasting, historical archiving, poetry, film, and creative activities led by Numbi Arts and the new Somali Museum UK. 

Mulberry alumni Layla Ishmail chaired four lectures featuring Dr Peter Chonka (Kings College London); Professor Kaltun Fadal and Professor Kavita Datta (Queen Mary University of London); Professor Anya Ahmed (Manchester Metropolitan University), Mary Harper, (BBC journalist and author) and a panel of 6 outstanding and successful Somali women. They all spoke on a range of fascinating and powerful themes. 

Parents/carers events are back!

We’re so happy to be able to run our face-to-face parent/carer events once again!

Our parents/carers are really enjoyed the six week Emotional First Aid Course held in June. We are committed to playing an active part in our local community  and we continue to build strong relationships with our parents/carers, despite the challenging circumstances we are still facing. 

Not to be outdone by onsite events, we also treated our parents/carers to a brilliant day out in London visiting the amazingly stunning Hampton Court Palace. The weather certainly didn’t disappoint, as you can see as our lovely parents/carers basked in the beautiful summer sunshine, striking the most wonderful pose!



Celebrating Somali Heritage Week at Mulberry School for Girls

From Monday 14th June to Friday 18th June, Mulberry School for Girls celebrated the richness of Somali culture and honoured the many significant contributions British Somalis have made throughout the UK! 

Watch the video below for a summary of the week’s highlights!


Dalloway Day brings literary scholarship to Mulberry

On Wednesday 16th June, the date of Mrs Dalloway’s infamous party in Virginia Woolf’s acclaimed novel, ‘Mrs Dalloway’, Year 12 students had the unique opportunity of celebrating the influence of Woolf as a writer with scholar Kabe Wilson. The students were invited to a Lecture and Literary Workshop organised through a partnership with the school and the Royal Society of Literature. 

Students listened to a lecture delivered by Mr Wilson on the importance of Woolf’s contribution to Literature, exploring the significance of ‘A Room of One’s Own’ to female writers and the ongoing influence of the Bloomsbury Set. In the workshop that followed, students had the chance to engage in a fantastic model of literary scholarship; reflecting on the texts that they had read/studied in order to make wider connections to other writers, poets, artists and musicians.

“I loved the event as it was both highly engaging and informative. The discussions helped show how inspiring art and literature really is and inevitably how it’s timeless.”

Maesha Ali, Year 12

“I was particularly impressed by the comparisons drawn by the students between The Iliad / A Secret History and A Brave New World, Shakespeare and the Bible – such well-rounded reading and thinking!”

Beth Gallimore, Royal Society of Literature