Year 6 Open Mornings 2019

Mulberry School for Girls will be holding a series of Year 6 Open Mornings for prospective students and parents.  

The details are as follows:

Open Mornings:

23rd September 2019 starts at 9.30am followed by a tour of the school. End time 10.30am 24th September 2019 starts at 9.30am followed by a tour of the school. End time 10.30am 25th September 2019 starts at 9.30am followed by a tour of the school. End time 10.30am

Open Evening:

26th September 2019 starts at 4.00pm followed by a tour of the school. End time 5.00pm 26th September 2019 starts at 4.45pm followed by a tour of the school. End time 6.00pm

Sixth Form Scholarships

The Mulberry Schools Trust is delighted to be able to offer up to 10 scholarship awards to Year 12 students in each school from September 2020. 

To find out more, please call our Sixth Form Reception on 0207 790 6327ext 220 or email


SF Scholarships 2020






Staff and Student Email Access

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Shaping Our Future

Shaping our Future is a series of short films made by Mulberry School For Girls and Ursuline High School, in conjunction with Postcode Films. The project was based upon one central question: how can young women challenge conventional ideas of power, and make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live?

Students from both schools worked together over the Easter holidays to develop research and interviewing techniques. They considered the concepts of ‘success’ and ’empowerment’, and how these ideas might be applied to their own lives. They then met with and interviewed women who have challenged the idea that power is an aggressive, typically masculine quality, and have risen to the top of their fields in careers which focus on social justice, women’s empowerment and community action.
The purpose of these interviews was to give female leaders an opportunity to share their own stories, and through this, to advise young women on how they may become leaders themselves. By interviewing these women, Mulberry and Ursuline students were able to encounter and learn from a model of female leadership which is based on courage, innovation, and a powerful drive towards positive social change.

The result is a series of brave, uplifting films which speak eloquently of what women can make possible.

Student participants:
From Mulberry School for Girls
Kinza Javaid, Nurtaj Luma, Sumaiya Bilqis, Simran Mahmud, Mahema Mahmud
From Ursuline High School
Chloe Murray, Cynthia Mosengo, Samantha Mashhadi, Cleo McCarthy

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London News Academy Conference

Students attending the London News Academy Conference

Students from Year 12 and Year 10 will be attending the News Academy Conference on Tuesday 24th June at the News UK HQ in London.  News Academy is an initiative set up by News UK which invests in the future of journalism, to help and inspire the next generation of those who will contribute to the world of journalism.  Students will hear from a number of influential speakers from the news industry which includes, Guto Harri, Director of Communications of News UK, Simon Hughes MP, Joanna Geary, News Partnership Manager of Twitter, Eleanor Mills, Editorial Editor of The Sunday Times and John Witherow, Editor of The Times. 


Year 9 Arts Project

The annual Mulberry Year 9 Project will take place on Tuesday 24th June and Wednesday 25th June.  The Year 9 Arts Project is a well-established, annual cross curricular arts event that has been a part of the Mulberry arts curriculum for thirteen years.  This exciting grand scale event takes a term to organise and is a collaboration between students, teachers and artists in residence.  This year’s plays are inspired by international tales and the following stories will be performed: ‘Lone Bird’, ‘A Native American Tale’, ‘Weh Shen’, The Chinese Cinderella, ‘How Night Came’, A Brazilian Tale, ‘Thor’, from the Lordic Mythology.  As in previous years the emphasis of this inclusive project allows all students in Year 9 to stretch their creative skills within the arts and for each tutor group to have a sense of ownership and responsibility for their performances. 


Year 10 Parents Evening

On Thursday 26th June the Year 10 parents will be invited to the school to find out how their daughters have been progressing over the course of the year.  All parents will have the opportunity to speak to subject teachers, form tutors and the Head of Year 10.  Further information has been sent to Year 10 parents individually.