Pupils’ experience at Mulberry are greatly enriched through the global dimension of their education. Through a wide range of innovative activities, we prepare pupils to thrive in our diverse, rapidly changing and interdependent world. We aim to develop future Global Leaders from Mulberry, and take pride in our range of partnerships with schools and other organisations working in other countries.

Global Classrooms London Model United Nations

Mulberry is proud to be the lead school in the UK for the Global Classrooms MUN worldwide network and the host of the largest MUN programme for secondary schools in the UK. We offer the MUN programme to pupils from schools within and beyond London. Pupils play the roles of ambassadors of the UN’s member states in simulations of UN committees. We hold two conferences a year; one at the school and one at the International Maritime Organisation, the headquarters of the United Nations in Britain. The latter conference sees 450 pupils take part in this exciting event.

Pupils begin in Year 7 and 8 as rapporteurs, supporting the Delegates who come from Year 9 and 10. Our Year 12 and 13 students act as Chairs, running committees, which work towards a resolution on how the international community should respond to the topic. Our events have a warm, supportive atmosphere and aim to promote co-operation, leadership, public speaking skills and confident global citizenship among young people.

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Peace Ambassadors

Pupils from Key Stage 3 and Sixth Form have worked with a peace activist, Jo Berry, to promote peace and reconciliation in their school communities, friendships and nationally. They have focused on mental health, resilience and kindness and focussed particularly on the impact of COVID-19 on young people.

This work helps pupils to become leaders and activists for their peers.

Human Rights Ambassadors In 2012, young women from Mulberry embarked on a journey in 2012 to explore the turbulent history of Bosnia. They documented this journey through a film, Justice in Action, which explores reconciliation in the lives of the survivors. More recently, the whole school came together to watch this, 9 years on, to both reflect and promote human rights. We have since developed a partnership with Amnesty International, and are running an Amnesty International youth group where pupils will explore what human rights means to them.

Trips abroad

Mulberry is proud to offer a range of trips abroad for pupils. In the past 5 years, we have undertaken trips to New York (for the United Nations International School Youth Conference and the United Nations International School Model United Nations Conference), Singapore and Malaysia (to undertake a study tour with partner schools including UWC South East Asia), Germany (with the Holocaust Education Trust), and to Washington DC (to meet Mrs Obama and undertake a Civil Rights Tour of the USA). International trips in the 2022-23 academic year so far have included Athens, Rome and Venice.

Global Super-Curriculum

The global super-curriculum provides opportunities to develop depth and breadth of learning which extend beyond what the curriculum requires. The programme promotes independent learning, extension work, lateral thinking and problem-solving skills and the range of opportunities on offer to pupils is diverse.

Some examples from our 2022/23 programme include lectures by academics from institutes and prestigious universities including Cambridge, Oxford, SOAS and the LSE – our pupils are supported to develop and lead societies in areas that interest them. Current pupil-led societies include Youth Amnesty, Politics, History, Law, Medicine and Wellbeing. These opportunities help pupils to develop the knowledge, values, skills and attitudes to understand their rights and empower them to promote a just world for everyone.

For more information about our Global Education offer, please contact:
Ms Mary-Clare Davies
Director of Global Education
Email: mdavies@mulberryschoolstrust.org