Women’s Education

Mulberry School for Girls has been a pioneer in women’s education for fifty years. We aim to raise young women’s aspirations, build their confidence and encourage them to make their voices heard. The school provides students with opportunities to engage with and learn from older generations of successful women, and supports them in leading a creative and empowering response to gender issues.

Girl Leading

After Mrs Obama’s exciting visit in 2015, we were able to carry out a legacy project in 2017, Girl Leading. This trip saw students travel to Kilve Court, Somerset, for a residential weekend. On this trip, which supported Mrs Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ campaign, a student-led committee planned and coordinated the trip. Working with 10 other schools, students carried out workshops on leadership, public speaking, stereotyping and social justice. The students subsequently became activists in their local communities, helping to raise awareness of challenges facing young women and girls, and find and carry out solutions to these challenges.

Global Girl Leading

Mulberry School for Girls worked with WOW – Women of the World Festival, to put together a virtual celebration for International Day of the Girl on Friday, 9th October 2020. This was an exciting celebration to which involved schools from across the country and world – including Singapore, Malaysia and Nazareth.

We were delighted to have our friends at WOW – Women of the World join us on such a significant occasion. In its 8th year, International Day of the Girl ‘aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights’.

Panellists included Barrister Schona Jolly QC, Tiffany Drake, Executive Director of the Obama Foundation – Girl Opportunity Alliance and Pinky Lilani, Founder of the Women of the Future Awards. Almost 500 students and friends of Mulberry took part in this very special YouTube live stream. We cannot wait to repeat this flagship event of our Women’s Education calendar again in 2021.

Read all about it on our dedicated Partnership of Equals website below.

WOW Partnership

We have had a long standing relationship with Women of the World Festival. We have been proud to attend and take part in each of their festivals and other special events. We have led mentoring at the London Eye and have heard from countless world-class speakers on subjects including international activism, female representation in UK politics, women and austerity, and how teenage girls are leading a new and dynamic phase of the feminist movement. Students have sung, danced, performed and sat on panels.

In 2021, over 40 of our students took part in a remote festival, held over the whole month of March!

The event was run very well and I found it very inclusive to have a sign language interpreter to translate for the deaf audience. It was something that isn’t thought about often and was very heartwarming to see from WOW.”

The songs were very well thought out, easy to sing, catchy and overall just a great summary of the values of female empowerment and some of the important figures we should remember such as Rosa Parks.

It made everyone feel so comfortable and was so engaging that everyone got into it and had a great time at the end of the day! I definitely would consider going to another WOW event, and thanks to the WOW team for organising this.

You can find out more about WOW here:

WOF Partnership

We have enjoyed a long standing and fruitful relationship with Women of the Future, an organisation which exists to empower and spotlight on amazing women leaders. Their events inspire students in terms of career options, their aspirations and future life journeys. We have also nominated colleagues for the Women of the Future Asian Women Achievement Awards and the Women of the Future Rising Star Awards.

In May 2021, we ran a ‘Leading Lights’ session for 80 young people in the UK, Malaysia and Singapore – this was with ambassadors who were nominated for Women of the Future South East Asia Awards in February 2021.

For further information about our Women’s Education offer, please contact:

Mr Ollie Creed
Enrichment Learning Coordinator
Email: ocreed@mulberryschoolstrust.org