What are Year 9 Options?

This is the first big choice you make about your education. Mulberry School for Girls wants every student to finish Year 11 with the best set of qualifications possible.

You will decide which 3 subjects you will study at GCSE alongside your compulsory subjects of Maths, English Literature and Language, Science and Religious Studies.

Please watch the short video below which explains the options which are available to you, and a little about how the process as a whole works.

Want to read about the subjects in more depth?

Please read our Year 9 Guided Choices Curriculum Guide and watch videos below.

What are the optional subjects going to be like?

Below are videos created by teachers from the subjects you will choose from. Please watch these videos carefully before making any decisions.

Each video will tell you about the content of the GCSE, how it will be assessed, what skills you will develop and what careers and further study routes each subject will lead to.

Art, Craft & Design

Art and Design Textiles

BTEC Sport

Citizenship Studies

Computer Science

Combined vs Triple Science



Film Studies