‘I Live In It’ with Sue Mayo and Magic Me

Since January, a group of Year 9 students have been working closely with artist Sue Mayo, in association with our long-term partner Magic Me, on a cutting-edge arts project.

Magic Me is the UK’s leading intergenerational arts charity. The organisation brings together groups of older people living in Tower Hamlets and groups of Mulberry students, and gets them working together on creative arts projects. Sue Mayo is one of the leading UK practitioners of intergenerational and community-based arts. Working in association with Magic Me, Sue invited 8 Year 9 students to join a group of women aged 55 – 80 to work together on a project called ‘I Live In It’, as part of a wider project called ‘The Gratitude Enquiry’. Ruksaath Abraham, Nazia Ahmed, Sumaiyah Ahmed, Mahreen Chaiwalla, Tahiyah Rahman, Nuzhat Nuruzzaman, Emma Begum and Fahima Khurshed all took part in the project throughout Spring term.

I Live In It reflected on the idea of having gratitude for your body. Older and younger participants worked together through a series of weekly meetings and creative workshops, talking and thinking about the way our bodies tell the story of who we are, and all the reasons we each have for giving thanks to our bodies and all that they can do. Guided by lead artist Sue Mayo, choreographer Ellie Sikorski, and musician Jamie McCarthy, the group used what they learned in their workshops to design a beautiful piece of contemporary dance.

I Live In It was performed to a packed audience as part of Mulberry’s International Women’s Day celebrations on Thursday 17th March. The Berry Bugle would like to congratulate all of the performers, both adults and young people. Our thanks go to Sue Mayo and Magic Me for another fantastic project.