Women's Conferences

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Graffiti project

AS Graphics students worked with artist Claire Rye to investigate their own cultural relationships with the area and school.

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China Week Project

In summer 2008, Mulberry recognised the coming of the Beijing Olympics through China Week, a special programme funded by China Now!

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Magic Me

Magic Me

Magic Me brings together young and older people for shared creative activity. Mulberry School has enjoyed ten years of these intergenerational arts projects at The Women’s Library. More recently the project has been held at Bishopsgate Institute and Tower Hamlets Local History Library. The projects have created artworks, performances, installations and events that celebrate the lives of women of all ages in the group, as well as stories from the amazing collections at the host venues. 

In 2014 ‘Outspoken’ brought together Mulberry School students and local older women to work with Magic Me artists Sue Mayo and Anita McKenzie on a theatre and photography project. The group looked at the power and presence of women’s voices, and what it takes to speak out. Stimulated by archive material from Bishopsgate Institute, focussing on the voices of East End Women, the group created dramatic photographic images and made speeches about unfair treatment by friends, access to education worldwide, casual ageism, racism and everyday sexism.

Please click here to learn more about our ten years of projects in partnership with Magic Me and The Women's Library, from 2004 to 2013.

Africa Week

Africa Week was launched in 2007 in celebration of the schools links with Qumbu Technical College, in Qumubu, South Africa.


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