‘The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping and other plays’

Tender, uncompromising, haunting and lyrical, these four plays comprise a contemporary chronicle of the lives of East London young women. They are the result of a unique four-year partnership between award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy and MulberrySchool in East London. Originally performed by the school at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and at Southwark Playhouse, London, they are written in an ensemble storytelling style that will suit younger performance groups around the country, especially those looking for predominately female roles.

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The Southwark Playhouse Project 2010

  In 2010 Mulberry Theatre Company took their work to Southwark Playhouse. The SILKWORKS festival was a four days celebration of the long-term collaborations with artists that Mulberry has nurtured and the school’s creative arts work at Southwark Playhouse on London’s South Bank in July 2010. The project provided a professional arts context to the work of school specialism offering apprenticeships for students to work as actors, playwrights, directors, stage managers, designers as well as in catering and business.  

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Tamasha Theatre Company

Mulberry Theatre Company in collaboration with Tamasha Theatre Company invited eight playwrights to run a pilot attachment scheme during February – May 2011 and create new pieces of writings for and about a specific inner London community.

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Exciting News…MBGC…Professional Theatre Space…more opportunities…

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Mulberry Theatre Company


Mulberry Theatre Company (MTC) has been developed as part of the school’s arts specialism and nurtures long-term collaborations with the creative industries to inspire confidence, creativity, leadership and learning among east London’s young women.

In the past four years MTC has developed ways of working that promote and support creative collaborations between artists, pupils and teachers; it has produced three world premieres at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and one at Southwark Playhouse.

 Aims of MTC

Mulberry Theatre Company is a unique pioneering initiative which seeks to inspire and engage the whole school community through theatre in all its many forms and approaches. Its mission is to create opportunities that will

  • Serve, support and enrich the whole curriculum
  • Provide exciting work related learning opportunities
  • Create opportunities for extra curricular learning
  • Support the school in its areas of arts specialism: Expressive Arts, English and Media
  • Use the arts as a platform to further links with the wider local community.