Camille Cettina

Camille began work as an artist in residence at Mulberry in the Winter of 2006, and has taken part in a variety of projects since then: from after school drama clubs to International Women’s Day to the Edinburgh Project. 

Marcus Hibbert

I began my work at Mulberry School for girls in November 2007 and almost immediately realised a level of passion and enthusiasm for all the arts, in particular digital filmmaking.

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Roger Ribo

Roger Ribo is from Barcelona. He recently graduated at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) obtaining a Postgraduate in Creating Theatre based on Jacques Lecoq physical theatre method.

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Internationally acclaimed and award winning Designer, kollodi is often called upon for dreamscapes or nightmares, or to create seemingly impossible theatre.

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Jane Ripley

Jane trained as a theatre designer and after graduating from Wimbledon School of Art has designed over 80 shows on the London Fringe, in regional theatres and the West End most notably an award winning tour of “The Night They Raided Minskys”, the UK premiere of Bernstien’s “Mass”, at the Albert Hall and all the original plays by Barrie Keefe who wrote, “The Long Good Friday”.

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