Justice in Action


Students’ experiences at Mulberry are greatly enriched through the global dimension of their education. Our students thus learn what it is to be a global citizen of our diverse and rapidly changing world.

As part of our global education, six young women from Mulberry School embarked on a journey to explore the turbulent history of Bosnia, the site of Europe’s worst genocide since the Second World War. They then went to The Hague, to sit in on the trial of the man accused of masterminding these crimes – the war time leader of the Bosnian Serbs, Dr Radovan Karadzic. They documented this journey through a film which explores what justice really means to those who want it most. In their quest for truth these young women explore the path to peace and reconciliation and what role it plays in the lives of the survivors.

The young women came away from this experience with a sense of personal responsibility for the stories that they heard – to ensure that the voices of the survivors are heard widely so that genocide never happens again. Through this film they aim to demonstrate that through the power of storytelling we can make a change and work towards spreading peace and prosperity across the world.

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Mulberry Youth Conference

Founded in 2002 the Mulberry Youth Conference draws young people together from around Britain to build bridges as they explore issues of common concern.

Always powerful, and inspirational, the conference blends politics, arts, and a healthy dose of idealism to create an unforgettable day.

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Model UN

Every year Mulberry hosts two Model UN conferences during which over 250 students come from all around to spend two days simulating a meeting of the United Nations.

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International Weeks

Each year we celebrate another nation and culture through the school’s international week. Last year, Mulberry celebrated the Beijing Olympics through a wide range of China Week events.

This year’s International Week will focus on the Arts and Culture of Brazil!


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