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Women's Education


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Mulberry School for Girls has been a pioneer in women’s education for fifty years. We aim to raise young women’s aspirations, build their confidence and encourage them to make their voices heard. The school provides students with opportunities to engage with and learn from older generations of successful women, and supports them in leading a creative and empowering response to gender issues.

Shaping Our Future

Women of the World Festival at Southbank Centre

Women's Conferences


Other Women's Education Projects:

Doctor Who Project

Mulberry School for Girls has been working in partnership with Jools Voce, Theatre Maker and Actor, to address the question: could Doctor Who be female? The TARDIS first appeared outside the school in July 2014, when students considered Doctor Who’s role as a traveller, healer, diplomat, scientist and warrior and asked whether a woman can fulfil these roles. The project has called for more positive female role models to encourage young women to follow their passions in strong female roles in the arts, to create possibilities for themselves in STEM, and to pursue powerful leadership positions. We also took the TARDIS, which was converted into a video-diary room, to the WOW Festival and interviewed festival-goers, asking them if they could travel back in time to meet a woman from history who she would be.

Girl Guides

Since opening in September 2014, First Mulberry Guides has built a Unit that is fun, supportive and eager to learn. We have learned about cultural diversity, environmentalism and, most recently, we have been learning about nature and the outdoors through growing vegetables in our school’s community garden. We are currently fundraising for our first residential camp.

Leadership Of Place

The Leadership of Place research project, which we undertook in partnership with the Institute of Education, asked what makes us feel like we belong at school. Building confidence and leadership skills amongst young women is a central part of our school’s ethos, and we wished to create an opportunity for students to evaluate the confidence-building strategies we already have in place, and to suggest new strategies. We also aimed to build the confidence and leadership skills of our research team by developing their research and presentation skills, their ability to organise and lead their peers, and their ability to work collaboratively.




Student Leadership

Enrichment Learning Coordinator: Mr Ollie Creed


Voice is a central aspect of the school ethos, particularly since women’s voices often go unheard in the public sphere. Mulberry aims to create an environment in which pupils’ voices are valued, and in which they gain the confidence to make their voices heard.

Event Hospitality

Students play a lead role in welcoming visitors into their learning environment. Duties include networking, catering, public speaking and logistical administration. Students gain many valuable skills from hosting these events, such as communication skills, confidence and organisation.


The prefect system offers pupils a chance to develop their capacity for leadership and encourages a sense of mutual responsibility for the school. It also aims to create ambassadors to represent the school.

Public Speaking

Mulberry School values the voices of young women and offers students the opportunity to develop public speaking skills in a variety of settings. Mulberry students have the chance to represent the school both individually and on panels at an exciting range of festivals and conferences.

School Council

The main purpose of Mulberry School Council is to facilitate clear and constructive communication between pupils and teachers, senior leaders and governors thus developing a school community where teachers and pupils work in partnership towards shared goals.


Pupil Voice 2


Enrichment Learning Coordinator: Mr Ollie Creed


glob ed


Students’ experiences at Mulberry are greatly enriched through the global dimension of their education. Through a wide range of innovative activities we prepare students to thrive in our diverse, rapidly changing and interdependent world. 

Global Classrooms London Model United Nations

Mulberry is the lead school for Global Classrooms in the UK. We offer the MUN programme to students from inner London state schools and international schools. Students play the roles of ambassadors of the UN’s member states in simulations of UN committees. We hold two conferences a year; one at the school and one at the International Maritime Organisation, the headquarters of the United Nations in Britain.

Human Rights Ambassadors

As part of our global education, young women from Mulberry embarked on a journey in 2012 to explore the turbulent history of Bosnia. They documented this journey through a film, Justice in Action, which explores reconciliation in the lives of the survivors. Through this film they aim to demonstrate that through the power of storytelling we can make a change. Since its release, Mulberry has launched a Human Rights Ambassadors programme, through which the film’s message continues to be disseminated.

Youth Conference

Founded in 2002, the Mulberry Youth Conference draws together three hundred sixth form students from around Britain to build bridges as they explore issues of common concern. Always inspirational, the conference blends politics, arts and idealism to create an unforgettable day. This year we were delighted to hold it in partnership with National Theatre Learning and Langley Park School for Boys. The conference explored the play Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Curated and hosted by students from both schools, the conference explored the themes of the play, global inequality, social justice, aspiration and education, as well as the power of the arts to make positive social change.

Enrichment Learning Coordinator: Mr Ollie Creed

Out of Hours Learning small2


At Mulberry we believe that opportunities for learning outside of the classroom are vital to students’ success and wellbeing. We offer around fifty lunch-time and after-school clubs each week, which support students in nurturing their existing talents and developing new skills.


Arts clubs support students in developing their creativity and expressing themselves.


Students are encouraged to develop healthy, active lifestyles and have access to fully equipped leisure facilities either on-site or at the nearby Olympic Park.


Clubs such as Feminist Fridays and Islamic Society support students in exploring and taking action on issues about which they feel passionate.


Mulberry offers a range of clubs which enrich the learning of students with special educational needs.


Students are given the opportunity to develop their talents and learn new skills, such as in chess, cooking and gardening clubs.

Out of Hours Learning timetable 2019 to 2020