Student Leadership

Enrichment Learning Coordinator: Mr Ollie Creed


Voice is a central aspect of the school ethos, particularly since women’s voices often go unheard in the public sphere. Mulberry aims to create an environment in which pupils’ voices are valued, and in which they gain the confidence to make their voices heard.

Event Hospitality

Students play a lead role in welcoming visitors into their learning environment. Duties include networking, catering, public speaking and logistical administration. Students gain many valuable skills from hosting these events, such as communication skills, confidence and organisation.


The prefect system offers pupils a chance to develop their capacity for leadership and encourages a sense of mutual responsibility for the school. It also aims to create ambassadors to represent the school.

Public Speaking

Mulberry School values the voices of young women and offers students the opportunity to develop public speaking skills in a variety of settings. Mulberry students have the chance to represent the school both individually and on panels at an exciting range of festivals and conferences.

School Council

The main purpose of Mulberry School Council is to facilitate clear and constructive communication between pupils and teachers, senior leaders and governors thus developing a school community where teachers and pupils work in partnership towards shared goals.


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