BBC School Report 2012

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 The Education of our Young Women..


The WOW – Women of the World Festival is a festival of talks, panel discussions, debates, music, performances, film and comedy with a common theme of female empowerment. The festival, which takes place at Southbank – the UK’s largest single arts organisation under one roof - brings together women who all share their great stories, from those involved in arts, science, law, finance, sport, politics, fashion and family life and those who are active supporters of equality.


Mulberry School for Girls in East London was involved in Wow – Women of the World Festival for the second year running, having made their debut in talks and panels in the first ever WOW in 2011. This year, Mulberry hosted a Young Woman’s Conference, which took place on Friday 9th March. It brought together different girls’ schools and women and men involved in women’s education to address the question, ‘What makes a great WOW education for 21st Century girls?’


The day included panel discussions between a variety of women with successful careers in education, enterprise and media and included responses to the questions, ‘What inspired you to become the woman you are?’ and ‘What should young women’s education look like in the twenty – first century?’. Many women explained how they made it to the top and others also stressed how important creativity was for them across the curriculum.


Mulberry student, Nazifa , expressed, ‘The panels were extremely interesting and I learned so much.’.


Delegates were also treated to a fantastic performance of Mulberry School’s award winning play, ‘The Unravelling’ and to some highly engaging and thought provoking performances from spoken words artists; Holly McNish, Kat Francois, Joelle Taylor and Natalie Fiawoo.


Attendees of the conference also got to choose two workshops to participate in throughout the day including ‘Lessons for my daughter’, which explored the complex and dynamic relationships between mothers and daughters. Another workshop, ‘Better Together: women of all ages learning together’ was delivered in partnership with Magic Me, a company that runs arts projects that bring together people of different generations, whom Mulberry have worked with many times.


All in all, it was a very inspiring day which truly reflected the spirit of the WOW four day festival in supporting the empowerment of women from all areas of life into realising their potential, after all, we are the future!


By Tasnin, Year 10 student, Mulberry School for Girls.