“Confidence, creativity, leadership and a love of learning for young women”

We believe that everything we do as a school can be distilled into these areas of pupils’ education and development. Mulberry School for Girls aims to provide an education which promotes particular capacities and attributes.

We want our pupils to be:

Confident: resilient, secure and mature young women, able to meet the demands and challenges of adulthood in the realms of working life, family life and community life. Our young women will be respectful and caring of others, with the confidence to be compassionate and to help others. Our young women will know how to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy.

Creativity: critically aware, imaginative and adaptable young women, able to be open to global change and willing to work with others to achieve a better future. Our young women will be able to work in teams and to problem solve, with the ability to be inventive and enterprising. Our young women will know how to look after their socio-economic welfare through employment and global citizenship.

Leadership: know that leadership take many forms, some of which are collective and some of which require a personal commitment. The confidence of our young women will be supported through the development of their capacity to lead. Our young women will make a positive contribution to society and their local community through their willingness to take a stand and their ability to acknowledge others.

Love of Learning: enjoy learning and develop a desire to continue learning in adult life. Our young women will have the courage to persevere in their learning, developing a sense of achievement when tasks are successfully completed. Our young women will have a range of lifelong learning skills upon which they can draw when learning is challenging. They will know where and how to seek help.

The school aims to ensure that pupils leave Mulberry able to be secure, healthy, economically independent adults who enjoy learning and who can make a personal contribution to society. We have determined at Mulberry School for Girls that, for our young women, the key areas of personal development which will help them to do this are the acquisition of confidence, the capacity to be creative and to lead others and to have a love of learning.

Mulberry’s community believes that this will require of the school a wider role than just 11 – 19 learning between the hours of 8am and 6pm, 39 weeks of the year. Mulberry is committed to social justice and urban regeneration. This commitment is reflected in our aims.

Our mission statement and aims we set ourselves:

  1. Provide a stimulating learning and teaching environment in which every pupil enjoys her education, feels safe and secure and is able to fulfil her full potential.
  2. Promote high standards of achievement and academic attainment for all, enabling every pupil to leave Mulberry School academically well-qualified with a breadth of experience that has allowed her to develop and enrich all her talents and aptitudes.
  3. Create a learning environment which meets the educational and social needs of every pupil equally, regardless of ability, aptitude, ethnic background or disability, and which positively provides for their physical and emotional requirements.
  4. Provide a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum from Years 7 to 13 with an extensive range of academic and career-related pathways as well as a wide programme of extra-curricular learning experiences, including arts and international school activities.
  5. Assist pupils to become confident, creative and questioning young women with the ability to lead in and contribute to a diverse range of fields including work, political and social citizenship, the community and family life.
  6. Support pupils to become independent, life-long learners who can meet, with confidence, the challenges of a diverse, rapidly changing, global society and the world of work.
  7. Develop positive links with parents/carers and our wider community through partnerships and by making available the school’s facilities and resources for family learning throughout the year.
  8. Invest in the professional development of our staff, enabling them to enjoy being part of the school community and to fulfil their roles effectively, building a learning community for all.

In essence, Mulberry School for Girls seeks to provide an educational experience which promotes confidence, leadership and learning for all young women. It also seeks to contribute to its wider community.

British Values

Pupil’s make a positive contribution to their own community, to British society and to global well-being and are proud to recognise British values. Whilst we promote learning in these areas as shown in the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Policy across the curriculum it is also evident in our Extended Learning programmes which include Model UN, Girl Guides and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. For more information please see our Extended Learning section of the website.