Mulberry School for Girls attend Inspirational Societies programme launch

On Monday 28th June, Mulberry Academy Shoreditch launched its Inspirational Societies programme on behalf of the Mulberry Schools Trust.

The inaugural roll out included the following Societies and subject areas: History, Science, Economics, English, the Arts, Social Sciences and International Politics. Each Society will offer students in Year 8 and Year 9 access to an exciting suite of outstanding and aspirational programmes. They will bring instant benefits to students’ personal development, employment prospects as well as boosting their social lives.

The launch, hosted by Executive Principal, Mrs Ruth Holden, was a wonderful occasion for students from Mulberry Academy Shoreditch and Mulberry School for Girls. They were all presented with a personal Societies badge, which they wore proudly on their blazers.

Built on high quality opportunities, students will experience and engage with Russell Group universities, whilst being fully immersed in a range of subjects and enrichment activities that will enhance their learning. Students from the schools in the Mulberry family will gain an interest in different aspects of the curriculum and develop a taste of university life. The aim is for all of the Societies to have an international trip over the next 18 months. The students will also participate in high profile visits, as well as embark on exciting trips across the country. 

Dr Vanessa Ogden, CEO of the Mulberry Schools Trust was the guest speaker on the day and other invited guests included representatives from Queen Mary University of London, Kings College London, SOAS and Mulberry Academy Shoreditch’s Chair of Governors, David Gracie.

“I am thrilled to launch our exciting Inspirational Societies programme on behalf of the Trust. Everyone involved is excited by the positive impact it will have on students’ lives across the Mulberry family, particularly my team at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, who have worked so hard to ensure we deliver an outstanding and engaging offer for all.”

Mrs Ruth Holden, Executive Principal

We look forward to the new academic year and the full roll out of the Inspirational Societies programmes across the Mulberry Schools Trust