Mulberry Top Running Performace

Sixteen students represented Mulberry at the Tower Hamlets Schools Cross Country Competition, on Thursday 11th November at Victoria Park. Rachel Obue-Grillo in 7E ran a fantastic race, pacing herself well to finish in 13th place, from a field of approximately 54 runners. Nour Sadawy 9E came 11th, from a field of approximately 45 runners, showing a good level of perseverance during the final lap. Phoebe Hariness in 10B ran impressively from the start, pacing herself well over all three laps. Phoebe held second place throughout the race – this was particularly exciting for the Mulberry team to watch and cheer Phoebe on after each of the laps! The Year 10 Mulberry team narrowly missed out on third place overall. All sixteen Mulberry competitors should be very proud of their individual performances and achievements. And from Phoebe herself… On Thursday I completed Cross Country for school. Before the race started, as anyone would feel, I was very nervous. As I stood on the start line, I was almost shaking not only from the slightly chilly weather but from the nerves. The horn went and everyone sped off. As I knew many of them would slow down, I kept at my own pace and settled into it. As I had predicted everyone started dropping back and started walking. My breathing became faster as I entered the second lap and I started believing I could get a medal as I passed all the girls (excluding one who I couldn’t catch). The second lap was the hardest as I knew that I still had another one to go. As I entered the final lap, I was exhausted I had a stitch, and my left quad was hurting. As I came round the corner to the final straight I gave it all I had, ignoring the sickness and exhaustion. Being told I was the 2nd girl to finish was amazing. I felt very proud.