Mulberry School for Girls worked in partnership with Jools Voce, Theatre Maker and Actor, to address the question: Could Doctor Who be female?

In July 2014, a model Tardis appeared outside the school, and Jools played the role of a mysterious investigator, trying to track down the newly regenerated Doctor. Not sure what this new Doctor would look like, she enlisted the help of Mulberry students, asking them if the next Doctor Who could be female. On average 70% said no. After further investigation it was agreed that the Doctor was a scientist, diplomat, traveller warrior and healer. They concluded that the Doctor needed to be: curious, brave, fierce, mysterious, patient, generous, peaceful, sensitive, romantic, humble, sociable, calm, energetic, adventurous, compassionate, trustworthy, open-minded, strong, powerful, tolerant, wise and willing to learn. Considering these qualities, when asked again if the Doctor could be female, on average 70% said yes.

At the Mulberry School for Girls ‘Educating Twenty First Century Women: Passion, Possibilities and Power Conference’, in October 2014, Jools returned in the role of the regenerated Doctor. On this occasion, for the first time ever, the Doctor regenerated as female.

She faced an imminent attack on London (with a fellow actor playing the role of an invading alien). Delegates were asked to send her messages, telling her what kind of woman she needed to be to save the world. The Doctor and her companion also asked the delegates’ help in delving into the Tardis’s infinite wardrobe to find a new costume befitting a traveller, healer, diplomat, scientist and warrior. The delegates were consulted with the questions: How does a woman dress in this world? How do the powerful dress? How will the Doctor dress to get the job done? Panels at the conference encouraged young women to follow their passions in strong female roles in the arts, to create possibilities for themselves in STEM, and to pursue powerful leadership positions.

Mulberry School for Girls featured at the ‘WOW: Women of the World Festival’ at Southbank Centre in March 2015, asking the question: Could Doctor Who be female?