Our superb super-curriculum!

The Mulberry School for Girls super-curriculum aims to enrich learning and to inspire curiosity about academic areas previously unknown and unventured.

Our deep and unique friendship with Gresham College means our Key Stage 5 students have access to in-person lectures with some of the world’s most brilliant minds. During this halfterm, students have elected to engage in Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Politics and History lectures with eminent academics. Being ‘super-curricular’ can be transformative. Irtifa, a Year 12 student, sums up this perspective change perfectly: “After the event with Professor of Rhetoric Joanna Bourke, I now look at the world through an entirely different lens.”

Year 12 Mathematicians and Economists loved their lecture in Game Theory — a branch of Applied Mathematics that provides tools for analysing situations in which parties make decisions that are interdependent.

Meeting and questioning Professor Sarah Hart, the first female Professor of Geometry at Gresham College, was a particular highlight.