Mulberry School for Girls is committed to working with all members of our local community. We recognise the importance of building strong relationships with parents, schools and third party organisations in the local area. We are a core partnership school for the extended schools initiative and we aim to offer or sign-post activities and opportunities in the local area.

Mulberry School for Girls plays an active part in Tower Hamlets and especially in our local community. We have a strong programme of parent voice events and an alumni programme for former pupils of the school. There are parent trips regularly to places of cultural, religious or educational interest such as to the theatre, the museums, heritage buildings or other towns and cities.

A comprehensive programme of classes in areas of educational interest runs for parents including swimming, keep fit, food hygiene certificates and cooking, ICT and ESOL.

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If you would like further information on any of the community activities running at Mulberry school or have suggestions about the opportunities you would like to see on offer, please email

Sabina Khan, Parent Liaison Officer or
telephone on 0207 790 6327 (ext 1213 or 1329).

Read additonal information about our community offer on our dedicated Mulberry and Bigland Green Centre website below.