Shaping Our Future

Shaping our Future is a series of short films made by Mulberry School For Girls and Ursuline High School, in conjunction with Postcode Films. The project was based upon one central question: how can young women challenge conventional ideas of power, and make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live?

Students from both schools worked together over the Easter holidays to develop research and interviewing techniques. They considered the concepts of ‘success’ and ’empowerment’, and how these ideas might be applied to their own lives. They then met with and interviewed women who have challenged the idea that power is an aggressive, typically masculine quality, and have risen to the top of their fields in careers which focus on social justice, women’s empowerment and community action.
The purpose of these interviews was to give female leaders an opportunity to share their own stories, and through this, to advise young women on how they may become leaders themselves. By interviewing these women, Mulberry and Ursuline students were able to encounter and learn from a model of female leadership which is based on courage, innovation, and a powerful drive towards positive social change.

The result is a series of brave, uplifting films which speak eloquently of what women can make possible.

Student participants:
From Mulberry School for Girls
Kinza Javaid, Nurtaj Luma, Sumaiya Bilqis, Simran Mahmud, Mahema Mahmud
From Ursuline High School
Chloe Murray, Cynthia Mosengo, Samantha Mashhadi, Cleo McCarthy

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