Sixth Form News

A group of six Year 12 Economics students triumphed over five other schools to win a place in the final of the Sheriff’s Challenge, a public speaking competition for London schools. For the past six weeks they have been working on a presentation about the City of London: their task was to establish whether the role of the City should go beyond creating wealth and jobs. They were well supported by a mentor from the City livery company of accountants, but all of the creative energy in the final presentation was their own. While many of the other schools approached the challenge by standing in a line and reading their lines off prompt cards, the Mulberry team scripted their presentation into a play, using their brilliant knowledge of economics to explain how important the City is to the UK economy, while also talking about the starkness of the contrast between the wealth of the City and the poverty in Tower Hamlets. The girls won because of their knowledge, their hard work in rehearsing and their passion as young Muslim women who do not see role models in the City. All four judges agreed that they were rightful winners. They will compete against three other schools in the final, which will be held at the Old Bailey. My view, as their teacher, is that they have a great chance of winning!