Do you want to be inspired and mentored by exceptional subject teachers and school leaders at the cutting edge of pedagogy and practice?

Do you want to be part of an exciting, vibrant and diverse community where all children from all backgrounds are supported to thrive and succeed in a global community?

Do you want to be part of the creative solution where high academic standards are continuously achieved in a context of urban challenge?

If so, the City Excellence in Teaching Partnership is for you.

  • We are a dynamic, creative and progressive professional learning community of high-performing secondary schools in Tower Hamlets. We work collegiately to provide excellent initial teacher education in all our schools.
  • Outstanding practitioners collaborate to design and lead our bespoke and innovative shared professional studies programme attended by all teacher trainees placed in our schools.
  • We have a global reputation for inspirational, high quality subject teaching and school leadership
  • We are engaged in ground-breaking, nationally recognised, classroom- informed evidence based research which places us at the forefront of innovation.
  • We serve a diverse, exciting and vibrant community and are driven by our shared sense of moral purpose and integrity.
  • Colleagues who train with us are highly competent and fully prepared to take on the opportunities presented by national curriculum and assessment reform.
  • Many of our trainees secure employment in their NQT year within the partnership.

So, if you want to be the best, come and learn from the best. If you want to set the agenda, train with us; if you believe in a truly inclusive, intellectually stimulating, educational environment, join us.

For further information go to or contact Ana Roman, CET Administrator.