Students explore new ideas through creative enlightenment

On Monday 5th – Friday 9th July, Years 7-10 took part in Creativity Week. The school lined up a really exciting and enjoyable programme to inspire, enlighten and excite students to explore new ideas, to find new ways of expressing themselves, and to look at familiar ideas in a new way.

Opportunities for creativity run throughout the life of the school, in every subject, and we hope the week generated a chance for students to really explore their creative potential.

Year 7 had a week-long series of creative activities led by the Science and Maths Faculties, working towards the completion of the Bronze CREST award and a creative day focusing on coding. 

Year 8 took part in a project delivered by the Humanities and English Faculties, exploring heritage, migration and identity and developing a range of creative outcomes throughout the week.

Year 9 worked with Expressive and Performing Arts to develop original performances in Music, Dance and Drama and finalised pieces of artwork that formed the backdrop for performances at the end of the week. 

Year 10 took part in a wide range of day-long creative activities delivered by staff from faculties across the school including Technology, English, Modern Foreign Languages, Social Sciences and more.

In addition to the above, there were several special projects running throughout the week, led by external organisations including Bow Arts, the Unicorn Theatre and Chain Reaction Theatre Company.