World Voice Week

Mulberry School for Girls is currently piloting an internal Voice Department as part of our Arts Specialism; the department aims to develop students’ skills set, as well as encouraging them to become more aware of the importance of voice and communication skills to their personal, social, educational and career growth.  In recognition of World Voice Day  the school ran Mulberry Voice Week in April 2014.  Voice practitioners, Barbara Houseman, Jessica Chambers and Nick Trumble kindly donated their time to work with groups of students as well as Craft of Communication who worked with sixth formers on their personal impact and communication skills.  Professor Gary Watt, of Warwick University, generously created an ‘Introduction to Rhetoric’ film, especially for the school, which was played in assemblies during the week.  Other activities included:

  • A poetry café in the SEN department and a spoken word performance, after school, with performance poets Zena Edwards, Jasmine Ann Cooray, and Katie Bonna. 

Recordings of teachers reading their favourite poem – giving students a chance to ‘guess the teacher’ in their registration sessions. 

A ‘Decorate your Larynx’ competition in which students made model larynxes and then were encouraged to be as creative as they liked with glitter, sequins and feathers!