Youth Conference

On 24th February, Mulberry students hosted the 20th anniversary Youth Conference. This award-winning, annual conference brings Sixth Form students together from across the UK to explore issues of common concern. Over the last two months, the student leadership committee have met regularly to plan the event. They set the conference theme as ‘Reimagining Equalities in a Post-pandemic world” and invited speakers, planned discussion groups and workshops for visiting students. On the day, we had the privilege of hosting an inspirational array of speakers including Mandu Reid– the ground breaking first Black, female leader of a UK political party; Justin Audibert – Creative Director of the Unicorn Theatre, the ‘People’s Poet’, David Neita and many more. 13 schools and more than 250 students came together to share their unique perspectives and to consider ways they could be agents of change. It was a privilege to be in the presence of so many young leaders. This powerful day was the perfect way to mark the 20 years of youth activism that the conference has supported.