Dalloway Day brings literary scholarship to Mulberry

On Wednesday 16th June, the date of Mrs Dalloway’s infamous party in Virginia Woolf’s acclaimed novel, ‘Mrs Dalloway’, Year 12 students had the unique opportunity of celebrating the influence of Woolf as a writer with scholar Kabe Wilson. The students were invited to a Lecture and Literary Workshop organised through a partnership with the school and the Royal Society of Literature. 

Students listened to a lecture delivered by Mr Wilson on the importance of Woolf’s contribution to Literature, exploring the significance of ‘A Room of One’s Own’ to female writers and the ongoing influence of the Bloomsbury Set. In the workshop that followed, students had the chance to engage in a fantastic model of literary scholarship; reflecting on the texts that they had read/studied in order to make wider connections to other writers, poets, artists and musicians.

“I loved the event as it was both highly engaging and informative. The discussions helped show how inspiring art and literature really is and inevitably how it’s timeless.”

Maesha Ali, Year 12

“I was particularly impressed by the comparisons drawn by the students between The Iliad / A Secret History and A Brave New World, Shakespeare and the Bible – such well-rounded reading and thinking!”

Beth Gallimore, Royal Society of Literature